EMDR Extended Sessions

Extended 3-6 hour sessions to minimize impact of daily distractions between sessions and maximize the impact of therapy. This is a great option for those with limited schedules, or would like to engage in EMDR therapy separately from their weekly sessions with an established therapist. Extended sessions have shown to be highly effective and can reduce overall treatment time. Weekly therapy visits require time to settle in and revaluate progress from previous visit, addressing any stressors that occurred between session, and time regain composure before ending. With extended sessions, we are allowed more “working” time. This format is ideal for motivated clients willing to devote the time and energy to their healing, and provides an alternative to those unable to attend weekly appointments.

For ideal therapeutic impact, it is not recommended to do more than 3 hours of EMDR per sitting. Therefore, extended sessions are scheduled as either one half day (3 hrs), one full day (two 3 hour sessions with one hour break), or two half days (3 hours for two consecutive days).

All extended sessions require an Initial Intake and Assessment billed separately at $160/hr

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